Back in January Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds missed his band winning their first Grammy and now we know why. An Instagram post from the musician shows him in hospital back in January recovering from a hit and run that knocked him off his motorcycle.

The post was used to promote Hell Bound a new film which features soundtrack contributions from Hinds. Check out the grizzly pics below.

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In the caption of the post Hinds joked about the fact that his bandmates didn’t mention him when they received their Grammy for “Best Metal Performance” saying “I got absolutely NO shout out from my best friends/band mates💔 ..I know they love me and just be havin stupid nervousness,but still !”

The group recently cancelled a tour with Dinosaur Jr. citing a “critical situation of a member of the Mastodon family.” Members of the group also recently covered Peter Gabriel with Primus and members of TOOL. Watch their video for “Steambreather” below.

Watch: Mastodon – “Steambreather”